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Thursday, January 18, 2007

At Least My Toilet Didn`t Freeze

Well, first update since returning from Canada and I suppose there is not too much to tell. Went out for my first session of snowboarding last weekend and had some good times. Probably going out every weekend for at least the next couple of months. Please refer to last year`s pictures if you really need to know why I need to be boarding so often.

Anyway, Canada was a great time and I have to admit that I really wasn`t looking forward to going to Hawaii. The way I saw it was that I was losing a couple days with friends and family in Canada or having less time to spend with friends in Japan before heading back to work. It was looking like I made a mistake in asking for a stoppover there. I would be arriving at the hostel at 10 pm on Tuesday night and leaving for the airport at 7 am on Friday morning. That gave me only two days and that was if everything went according to plan. Naturally, it didn`t go down like that. My flight was delayed leaving Seattle and I arrived after 1 am in Honolulu. I was anticipating having to sleep at the airport because it was too late to check into my hostel at that time. Then the oddest thing happened. I saw my friend`s mom waiting at the baggage carousel. I thought, this is the strangest coincidence that she was on the same flight as me. Then I remembered that she lived there and it was more likely that my dad and/or buddy had contacted her to come to my rescue. That was indeed the case.

So, this is an example of expect the worst and hope for the best. Also, it is good to know that the Big Guy upstairs has my back. Anyway, I spent most of the next day just wandering around Waikiki. In case you haven`t been there, you may have never seen and ABC store. Well, they are more numerous that fire hydrants. Literally, in Waikiki there are probably 4 on every square block - maybe more! Good store, though. Its got lots of good stuff, although I was pretty surprised at the price of fruit. So, didn`t do much that day, aside from browsing the shops. I bought a few souvenirs and then I came upon what could be the greatest kitchen appliance in the entire world. This is number one on my wedding gift list (if that ever happens), but maybe a few (or a few dozen) of you will have to split the cost. This particular item was found at Williams Sonoma and I also learned that it is a limited edition item - 4 per store over the entire chain. This particular item is a Kithenaid Professional Stand Mixer in brushed copper. I can`t remember what they were asking, but it could be around the $899.99 US dollar range. Me wants.

Ok, so didn`t do too much that first day, but it was still enjoyable. The next day was great too. My friend`s mom let me use her car for the day and I toured up the east-north side of the island. It was great having the freedom to stop wherever I wanted. Problem was that it was one of those Saturns that have the automatic seatbelts that drive me crazy. Having said that, I was extremely grateful to have a car to use and I can forgive Saturn for trying, unsuccessfully, to make our lives easier. Anyway, my main goal was to make it up to the famed north shore to see some of the world`s best surfers at play. Two weeks earlier we were looking at waves so high they were nearly unrideable. Well, they were definitely rideable when I was there and really didn`t pose a challenge to any famous surfers. They were only about 2 meters so it was basically just me and the other disappointed tourists. Still, I had a great time boogie boarding the two meter waves, which is plenty of wave to seriously hurt me. Oh, and while I wasn`t actually riding a wave I was busy thinking about how badly the Hawaiian sun loves to punish me (no sunscreen on this day, but also no sun-intensifier ;) and watching my bag. Living in Japan, which is generally and extremely safe and honest country, has left me with a decided paranoia towards Americans. I think they want to steal everything so if I stay in hostels or am in public places I am always watching them. Not fair, I know, but what can you do?

Towards the end of the day I went to a copy of a famous Japanese temple. I wanted to see it because I had it on one of my screensavers and it looked spectacular. It was. My one disappointment was that it did rain quite a lot in the two days I was there. Who cares? It bleedin` Hawaii I tell you. Did you know that I am moving there? Not Oahu, but Maui. It won`t be for a while - at least until I make my fortune, but it is going to happen.

Ok, next adventure is in February. More super-cool traditional Japanese experiences. Rookingu ... forwardo ... to ... itto (please excuse my accent).


At 8:48 PM, Blogger Transformational Business said...

Glad to hear the sun-intensifier didn't make an appearance this time around!!!

Lova ya

At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Christina said...

you and your freaking brushed copper appliances...*sigh*
glad you didn't peel off the first layer of skin, and glad to hear also that you survived 2 m waves. That is indeed plenty. sounds like it was good times at the ABC. Did you get to use any of your mad Japanese skillz in Waikiki?

At 3:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HOLY GEES! No updates from you - there has to be stuff going on!


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