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Sunday, July 02, 2006

More bits and pieces

Ok, so other than that watching world cup and ranting about it, what else have I been up to. Well, did some more bumming around Tokyo, which is always cool. However, as astonishingly vast as it is, I have seen a lot of it and am now trying to find more of the "Of the beaten bath" type of spots. So, the picture you see is that of the Tokyo Internation Forum. I think it is an exhibition grounds and the architecture is absolutely breathtaking. At times I think that maybe, just maybe the beauty of some of the buildings in Tokyo makes up for the overwhelming dearth concrete and powerlines in everywhere but the major centres of the largest cities, but then I say that no, it does not even come close to compensating. There are some pretty buildings though.

I have also begun the countdown to the big move. At the end of July my contract finishes with my high school and from August I will be moving on to the greener pastures of the town that is basically owned by the world's largest nuclear powerplant. The pastures are pretty green where I am at so it is tough to see how it could get better, but I did go and visit my new place just the other day and well, at least the house is better. I am now in an apartment that while small, is still cozy and I am glad to call it home. My new place is a full-on house, complete with everything and is pretty nice. I'll send pics next month. I will also be teaching junior high, elementary, and yes, even kindergarten and I am absolutely petrified. I have some pretty big shoes to fill also, so hopefully I'll rise to the ocassion. I love my job right now and I am going to miss it, but I also look forward to new opportunities so we'll see how it goes. Still, kindergarten?!?!


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At 9:13 AM, Blogger Zen said...

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